Your FB friends list probably speaks more about your true tolerance than any political correctness ever could


I am pretty sure the overwhelming majority of the world looks at yesterday’s Orlando massacre and thinks it is without doubt a shocking act. There is no excuse for the slaying of innocents regardless of their beliefs, sexual orientation or anything else. I think anyone with a pulse can grasp this. The grief their friends and families must be suffering is intolerable. Needless violence and I’m sure our collective hearts go out to them.

However around the world we light up national monuments, drape our walls with “Je Suis XXXX” and view this as ‘doing our bit’. Even our politicians use this idea that “appearing to care” is somehow acceptable.  One state premier’s FB page appealing to lighting a spire on the National Gallery had calls for him to become PM from his followers such was the self-adulation. Think back to Boko Haram and the kidnap of 276 Nigerian schoolgirls several years ago.  Michelle Obama & David Cameron held up #bringbackourgirls placards on Twitter and national television. If there was ever a sign of Western impotence this was it. How many people shared the message and clicked ‘Like’ to “show they cared”. Result – two years later all 276 girls are still in slavery. Appearing to be good was enough rather than doing anything about it.

However when ever debate about root causes is entertained to the same people who’ve done this social media moral preening all of a sudden the shutters go up and discussion closed down. You can’t have it both ways.

Sure all mass shootings haven’t been by radical Islamic terrorists. Anders Brevhik in Norway is one example. However when the bastard that murdered 50 people in a gay nightclub pledges allegiance to ISIS then why try to disguise his motive? If we want to stop such atrocities claiming to be done under the tenets of Islamic terrorism, we won’t stop it by our leaders fearing use of the “M” word when it is warranted. Of course most Muslims aren’t the sort of radical vile scum that kills gays in a nightclub and I’m sure they are as frustrated to be increasingly treated with suspicion because of the actions of a few. None of us benefit.

Therefore the media has a role to play to ensure there is decent opportunity to provide sincere condemnation from community leaders whatever their backgrounds and coordinated approaches to preventing repeats as a bare minimum. Gun control, exorbitant bullet taxes and other action should follow. Continually hiding behind walls of political correctness won’t solve anything. Yet that is all that seems to be happening. Is there any wonder more fringe groups are protesting because politicians have their blinkers on. You can pretty much guarantee that if the ‘discussions’ aren’t had then we’ll see what is happening across Europe. The rise and rise of right wing groups who give frustrated people a voice.

I took a look at my friends list on FB and noted I probably have most ethnicities, religions, races and sexual orientations including all of the LGBTs. Here is the thing. I have never really actively chosen them other than the content of their character. I am sure many others if they looked at their lists would show similar traits.

So why do so many continue to push so hard for “political correctness” to be enforced at every turn when our ‘friends lists’ probably preach more about our true underlying tolerance than what is often we ‘outwardly portrayed’ in making sure we don’t step on toes in public.


  1. And the first reaction of the leader of the German social democrats, Ralf Stegner, is to blame Donald Trump and his advocacy for personal weapon possession as well as the American gun law for it. How much more of a nihilistic hypocrite can mankind become?
    (I can upload a screenshot for reference if it’s technically possible.)

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