Know how many public servants there are?

public service

I was fascinated to know how many public servants are employed around the globe given the reckless central bank debt monetisation. The OECD data shows that in many countries the % of total workforce employed by the government continues to climb. Is this just a sign of how over-regulation is creating more and more departments?

Acceptance into the EU almost seems like an excuse to create more quangos. Greece is case in point. Greece’s public service had only 7.5% employed by the gov’t in 2001. Latest figures show that number at 22.6% (i.e. 203%).

Of course certain public service jobs are necessary (medical, healthcare, welfare etc). I do note that Services NSW in Wynyard has fantastic service. However since the EU has taken over public sector roles seem to have exploded. See the rate of change between 2013 and 2001. Is this yet another sign that the private sector has become more breathless.

public service growth

Despite this youth unemployment across the globe continues to climb. Sadly raising taxes and raiding the rich doesn’t seem the way forward…


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