Seems like Italy wants out of the EU too…


Italian politics has always been a pretty fruity affair. Whether the nocturnal shenanigans of Former PM Berlusconi or Cicciolina, the former porn star that ran for office it is almost a spectator sport.

The Five Star Movement which is a Eurosceptic party won handsomely in the first round of local elections in Rome. Virginia Raggi, a former lawyer, won for the anti-establishment Five Star Movement and is likely to win the second round on June 19. She has 35% of the vote vs. centre-left incumbent party at 25%.

Although Five Star Movement is not a broad party outside some of the major cities, it does point yet again to voters getting fed up with the mainstream parties. Like we have Trump surging and even Aussie polls showing a record 15% want to vote for anyone other than mainstream.


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