Isn’t forced unionisation of volunteers an oxymoron?


If you ever wanted to understand the depths to which the Daniel Andrews government in Victoria will plunge look no further than its plan to unionise the volunteer Country Fire Authority (CFA). Victoria had some of the worst bushfires in 2009 and it was contained in the end with a lot of help from the selfless actions of the CFA.

The whole point of volunteering is in the word – it is done without pay. It is done for the spirit of the community they represent. Never is a heart truer than that of a volunteer yet the Andrew’s government seems keen to want to reward the hard-left fire fighting union to give them larger control of the CFA. For all of his other ridiculous left leaning policies (Safe Schools etc) you have to wonder but it exposes another serious flaw in today’s politicians – the idea of social media ‘likes’ carrying some sort of endorsement. See the below.


Daniel Andrews champions that he has 200,000 likes, twice as many as Mike Baird in New South Wales and the completely worthless boast that Mike Baird gets no ‘Likes’ after 10pm. There are 5.8mn Victorians. We cannot even be sure that all 200,000 likes came from Victoria so even if it were true that’s is 3.4% of the Vic population. So 96.6% of the population may not agree with you. Even if we were to use the 14 million people in Australia with Facebook who could ‘Like’ your page, then it’s only 1.4%. Statistically a pathetic number.

To put a grip on this idea that social media is a useful political tool, do you remember the “#bringbackourgirls” Twitter hashtag of Michelle Obama several years ago when Boko Haram kidnapped 276 school girls? It might have got 10s or 100,000s of likes but those school girls are still slaves. It was nothing more than appearing to good rather than doing good. I would prefer the political classes got off social media and focused on things that people may ‘dislike’ because it is absolutely necessary rather than focus on their own vanity to a legion of people that confirm their own bias.

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